Dumpster Booty

18 08 2010

Occasionally one will find a dumpster that consistently has such an enormous variety and quantity of non-gross stuff that it turns dumpster diving into pure entertainment.

Last week a companion and I visited such a bin during a longish late night bike ride. As he peered over the top of the industrial sized dumpster he said “Hey, there are bikes in here! A not bad Trek and a three speed.”

“Three speed?! What kind?” I asked as I scrambled up the other side. Few things get my attention like internally geared hubs.


“Crappy. Oh wait, how’s the shifter?” One of the ECOS bikes actually needs an old Shimano 3-speed shifter, and I had almost given up hope of finding one. I jumped in and found the bikes tangled up and underneath furniture, the 3-speed hub on a cheap, rusted late 70’s/early 80’s folding bike, but the shifter seemed just fine, so I decided I wasn’t going to leave without it.

Shimano 3-speed and all the fixin's!

With an adjustable wrench and some other dumpster bits we turned into makeshift screwdrivers, I got everything I needed to fix the library bike, plus my companion and I took the seats as well, the folding bike’s seat being similar but slightly wider than Poplar’s current saddle, so hopefully it’ll be a good replacement.

Amongst the other random crap, I also found an old vegetarian cookbook and a comic book from the eighties called CARtoons (cuz it’s about cars, get it?)

CARtoons 1980's vs CARtoons 2000's

I grabbed it because I thought it would be a nice juxtaposition to Andy Singer’s CARtoons. I still have no idea what to do with 2 iron-on transfers.

Evolution of CARtoons 1980's to CARtoons 2000's (with a BMX'er cameo). Click on the image to enlarge to read.

My bike takes me places your auto will never go. Go BMX kids!