Saturday Night on Swift Wheels

6 06 2010

Saturday night + no cash + a motley crew of old and new friends + bikes = crazy night ride!

It started with a rendezvous in one of those rare spots, off the map and out of sight, but still comfortable with benches and flowers where friends can laugh and plot away from judging eyes, perched upon the grand refuse of an historic construction project. There were 6 of us, exploring a part of the city most people never see, and waiting for the last of our group to converge for a night time ride. There was no one else around, so when another cyclist approached, we thought he was somebody we’d invited but in fact we’d never met him before, (though he and one of our posse were wearing identical shirts). It turned out that his Saturday plans had been suddenly derailed and his new plan was to “find somewhere to go and chain smoke,” and he was on a bike for the first time in years. Did he want to join us for a ride? “Sure! Why not?”

Shortly after, the last of our party arrived and we set off to cycle into the rooftops.

A quiet perch above the city for those who cycle up off the beaten path.

Of course it did mean riding uphill.

Spectacular views above the street were one reward.

Being on the roof of an unused parkade is strangely tranquil and relaxing, at least after getting over the dizziness of cycling up and around and up and around… but nothing compared to the way down.

So, how're your brakes?

I was pretty dizzy when I hit the bottom.

“Wanna do it again?”

“Sure, but let’s use the elevator this time.”

Anti-gravity machine.

I think our new friend was a bit surprised at the bravado of such an unassuming looking group who dare to play where cars roam, but he did say that it was “way better than chain smoking.” No one in this crew disagreed. Welcome to the wonderful world of bicycles, Mike. I hope we helped you take the suck out of your night.

This post is also an entry for the Let’s Go Ride a Bike Summer Games in the social cycling category for going an a group ride and saying hi to (then riding with) another cyclist.  Fun contest on one of my favorite blogs! Check it out if you haven’t already.