Oh Hail No!

24 08 2012

Long time residents of E-Ville may be familiar with “the most dreaded of all meteorological phenomena.” For cyclists in our fair berg, though, it’s not the Siberian high (that’s the coldest of the cold, for y’all in more southern climes), it’s the hail storm. And yesterday, we had a gooder. Golf ball size balls of ice tearing the leaves off trees and flattening gardens, marble size hail forming a white blanket on the ground, a cyclist caught in such a storm risks serious injury (though it’s the best argument for wearing a helmet ever).

An hour after the storm, there was still a solid layer of hail cores on the ramp at BikeWorks North.

Here’s a shout out to Chris and the other cyclists who were on the High Level Bridge when the storm hit – I’m glad you’re OK. Having been caught in hail storms before, I’ll never forget the scary sound of the falling hail approaching as the front moves in. It’s the sound of “you’ve got a few seconds to take cover or else you’re going to get pummeled to a mush.”

Luckily, I didn’t have to leave work until after the hail stopped falling, but there was the accompanying deluge to deal with. All the leaves torn off by the hail clogged the storm drains, causing intersection after intersection to flood.

Every second intersection looked like this, making for a very challenging and wet ride home.

Of course I was on my road bike, which really hates getting wet.

Le Mercier is not an aqua bike.

I’m sorry Mercier, I’ll overhaul all your bearing systems again as soon as possible. The trick will be finding a Stronglight crank puller so I can do that finicky french bottom bracket.