Riding Into the Past

16 09 2011

No matter the occasion, cycling there is the way to go. Even if it’s an old-west-glam themed wedding in Fort Edmonton Park.

In costume and riding Poplar, my antique loop frame, the park staff were happy to let me ride right up 1905 street to the church and park in front. (Like today, in 1905, bicycles get the best parking spots!)

Checking out the "newest" attraction on 1920 Street.

After the reception, I explored the empty streets of the historical park on two wheels. Usually, bikes are not permitted in the park, but security (who were also riding bikes) didn’t seemed bothered about costumed wedding guests harmlessly gallivanting through the boardwalks and gravel roads in the after-hours. I quite enjoyed riding my bike back in time and through those ghostly streets that represent days long gone.

Poplar is actually much newer than anything that Fort Edmonton Park represents, but it felt right riding that particular bike, like she was going home. Ironically, the only trouble I had with the old rustbucket (I say that lovingly) was when she blew a spoke on freshly paved Keillor Road on the way there. Sigh, always another repair…