I ride bikes. Every day, whatever the weather, for years. I fix them too. I believe a bicycle can be a tool for liberation, a healthier body and mind as well as for living more sustainably. Most importantly, it’s fun!


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17 10 2010

your blog is the awesomest thing in the world.

in case you didn’t know.

miss you.

love k

20 04 2011
Kristin Westersund

Awesome blog!!!

2 06 2011
Don McIver

Nice blog. Blogging and biking in ABQ, NM.

21 08 2011
Christopher Martin

I bought a 1960s portabike at a yard sale it is a neat lookin bike but i need to find tires for it

5 02 2012

You have some really great photos of Edmonton on here. I especially love the ones of winter road conditions! Ha! I’m such a cycling nerd 🙂

16 04 2012
chuck nickel

We live in Tucson, AZ, US. We have an old portabike we uncovered in our garage. It is basicaly in very good condition, just needs some cosmetics. The paint is faded and the chrome parts are a bit rusted. We think the tires are fine, just need air. Trying to get some idea as to it’s value. Any insights would be appreciated.

22 07 2012

I would like to know the value of the Porta bikes too. I found one at a used bike shop and have fallen in love with it. I want to make sure I am not over-spending though.

25 07 2012

I really don’t know what a fair price would be for a port-a-bike, or any used bike for that matter. The condition of the bike and the supply and demand in the local market will affect the price more than anything else. For example, bikes can go for three times the price in other cities than they do here, or half the price in other places.
I could say don’t pay more for a port-a-bike than a Raleigh 20 (generally regarded as a far superior folding bike), but the true test of a bike’s worth is it’s use. If you don’t like riding it or it doesn’t fit (and if you’re tall, it’s a possibility) or the novelty quickly wears off, then any amount is too much to pay. But if it’s something that will give you joy and utility for years to come it’s probably a good deal. Every time I get on Port-a-Bike I smile. What’s that worth? Mine also has a home weld job of questionable quality at the hinge, making the frame, ethically, unsellable at any price.

24 08 2012

All folder should be able to wear a 20″ nowaday folder. I’m with evilrider for the price tho. It’s hard to gauge. So far I’ve paid up to $30 for a folding. I paid $0 for my Raleigh Twenty in very bad shape, $20 for a 68 Voyageur rideable but not the nicest and $30 for my Raleigh Stow-a-way with a gear problem. I’m in the Calgary area.
I second evilrider for that you should get something that you can ride unless you are wealthy enough to justify to put them in a display case and dust them once in a while. Also if you want to ride the bike and are on a budget shoppe until you find the one that fits you and your budget and your ability to put it on the road.

14 08 2013
Peter Milsom (aka Pedal Pusher)

Interesting blog!
I ride a folder every day (an Italian U-frame Cinzia 20″ wheel), which I bought new about 20 years ago.
I ride in snow, too, but living near London (England, not Ontario!), i don’t even bother with studded tyres – just set the saddle a bit low and do a mix of pedalling and sliding at modest speeds!
We do most of our shopping by bike, too, with my wife using our Bike Bins panniers and a large Basil front basket several times a week, with me doing a few top-ups in my front basket.
We are not “bikies” as such, but it is such an economical, practical and quick way to get about a town! And we get lots of fresh air and exercise while doing it:-)
Anyway, I enjoyed your blog, amd look forward to reading of your further adventures.

24 08 2013
Peter Milsom (aka Pedal Pusher)

i saw this new model Brooks saddle, and thought of you.
it seems, to my untrained eye, to be “vegan-compatable”
It is available in both a “ladies” and a “gents” style.

8 12 2013
Rebecca Markussen Nelson

Also working to meld reflection with art. Iron on vinyl turned out to peel easily. Have you had better luck with another product? Love the cut outs from 2011 blog posting. 🙂 rmn

10 06 2014

Hey! I just found your website, I am that Effie girl who brought in that magenta 80′s Miele road bike with the fun little heart detail! My sister hasn’t ridden it!!! 3 years! So now I am reclaiming it for myself… I don’t think my sister realizes this yet! I might have to bring it back into bike works to find some pedals!
Thanks for your sweet love of bicycles!

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