November Rain

17 11 2013

In E-Ville, rain in November is never a good thing. For one, somebody always posts that stupid G’n’R song on Facebook and then I get it stuck in my head until the weather changes. It was sweet riding for a couple of days, though. The rain ate away the snow on the ground and with a good jacket, high boots and waterproof gloves I was quite comfortable and enjoying riding at high speed downtown.

A gorgeous moment between precipitations

Since the first snow this season, I’ve been riding the fixte because I haven’t had time to put winter tires on my other bikes, but mostly because it’s fun. Skiddly-skiddly. Those who’ve known me for a while have pointed to the influence of a certain ridiculously speedy courier, but I’ve recently realized that the influence has gone both ways.

Fixies with fenders and baskets and green wheels, oh my!

Check out the full fenders and front baskets on these bikes.
Of course, November rain turns to slush and freezes, creating the dreaded bumpy ice. It didn’t take long for me to have my first wipeout, and despite momentarily forgetting I was strapped into the pedals, I didn’t suffer so much as a bruise.
Eventually the rain in this late season turns to snow and we got eight inches of the wheel sucking white stuff over the weekend.

There’s even enough snow for the ol’ Canadian kickstand.

Looks like I can put off installing a kickstand for a while.

I still need to make some more changes to the fixte. Installing that pretty white crank increased the gear ratio a little too much and put my chain line a little too off and I’ve had a larger cog and shorter bottom bracket on order for what seems like forever. Ironically, it was only this past week before the snow flew that I was feeling like I was fully managing the gear ratio. In the mire of oatmeal snow that now encompasses most of the roadways however, I won’t be getting very far without that bigger cog. Hopefully the wait will end soon.



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22 11 2013

Wow, that is some serious snow for November! Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself, even after a fall.

22 11 2013

It’s been snowing every day since as well. Right now, nothing’s moving out there (except the bikes, slowly). My regular commute has been taking 2-3 times longer than normal. I did get that lower gear ratio on the fixte and got the studs on porta-bike yesterday, but that didn’t prevent me from wiping out again last night. I’m mostly just pooped from slogging through all this white stuff. All the fat bike riders are laughing.

23 11 2013
Peter Milsom (aka Pedal Pusher)

Meanwhile, in the warmth of the Gulfstream … our rain stays as rain – although on a couple of mornings the cars have frost.
The wonder of google says you’re only 1.7 degrees North of me, but the climate is SO different 🙂
– the wonder of google tells me that it is currently 15 degrees C (27 degrees F) warmer here, too!
I cycled through the last two winters on regular tyres – just slowing down a bit on the snowy days, and moving the seat down a bit so I could use my feet for balance.
Love the “Canadian Kickstand” !

3 12 2013

As they say around here, it’s a dry cold. Just rode cross town through a blizzard, but I had a tailwind all the way home, so it was fine.

2 12 2013

We’ve only had the odd day of snow so far in South West Scotland, buut who knows come the New Year, February and March….
By the way, we’re trying to trace friends in Edmonton, cyclists who aso blog…but can’t remember the name of their site! They are Peter and Lesley Heppleston(e).

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