…Now with 50% Less Bollards

14 10 2013

One of my favourite routes to get out of the river valley from Rossdale is an old, slightly neglected bike path that runs parallel to 97 Ave. It’s a gentle climb over several blocks, and now it has 50% less bollards!

They took out half of those bloody bollards!

They took out half of those bloody bollards!

And now that there’s one less bollard in the way, anyone hauling a trailer now actually has a chance to make it up the hill.

This path continues into the Legislative grounds where you can access the High Level Bridge and becomes a much more pleasant, though slightly steeper ride.

Choose your flavor of bumpy - unkempt asphalt or  sidewalk slabs.

Choose your flavor of bumpy – poorly maintained asphalt or sidewalk slabs.

The Leg ground paths have not, however, gone on a bollard diet, and still continue to stand as a monument to the 80’s.



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19 10 2013
Peter Milsom (aka Pedal Pusher)

There is a (fairly) new cycle bridge in the town (Aylesbury, GB) where I live. It is known as the Bourg Walk. (google it, and it should come up)
It would be a real challenge with a trailer, or even with a heavily loaded bike with bulging panniers.
Yep – it is a set of bollards.
And they don’t just run straight – they are set out in a “triangle pattern”, so you have to go through at an angle to the normal direction of travel.
I suspect the bollard layout is to stop trouble-makers on small motorcycles using the bridge.
But it is a major pain in the …. (Insert word as appropriate).
Not many trailer users in our town, though.
One guy has a very nice 2-wheel aluminium “box” trailer, that looks like it locks. I sometimes see him about, and he seems to do quite a bit of leaflet delivery using the trailer.
Apart from that, a few mum’s (and one dad!) have those little kiddie trailers that hold 2 very small kids, or one small-medium size one.
Glad your back blogging after your summer break.
I await your future posts with interest!

27 10 2013
Peter Milsom (aka Pedal Pusher)

So that you can see what our 5-offset- bollard bridge looks like, I wrote a short blog piece on it, with picture.
Yes, it was your article that got me thinking about bollards more than usual, and, of course, I have linked to your piece from mine.

27 10 2013
27 10 2013
Peter Milsom (aka Pedal Pusher)

i would have just popped the pic into the comments, but i’m not sure if that works on wordpress like it does on facebook.
if i can drop in a pic into “comments”, then advice on how would be useful 🙂
Sorry for so many running comments – I guess I out to plan better before comenting, rather than being spontaneous 🙂

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