So, Winter, Eh?

31 10 2012

Given the crazy weather in other parts of the continent right now, I’m going to refrain from the favourite Canadian pastime – complaining about the weather. But, yeah, it snowed, and it’s cold, and it could be a lot worse.

I put a studded tire on Porta-Bike in time for some late night riding in the fresh snow.

S’no problem.

Playing with my new front light.

A flic before crossing The Bridge.

Knowing that the weather in late October here can be a toss-up, back in early fall I committed to doing free bicycle tune ups, outdoors, as part of Sustainability Awareness Week on campus. That gamble sure didn’t pay off. I did have a tent & a heater, but I still couldn’t feel my toes after 4 hours. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t very busy, though I did fix about ten bikes (not including my own), gave a bunch of referrals and talked a lot of winter cycling.

Giving Porta-Bike a little TLC during one of the slower moments of Sub-Zero Bike Repair session.

I’ve been riding the foldie since it snowed because I found that the freezing temperatures have brought out some issues with the Globe (my other winter bike), and I’ll have to replace cables before I can ride it far. Not a big deal, I just need to find some time to dedicate to it. I also have another winter bike on the build, but I am waiting for rims to rebuild the wheels before I can launch it into the great Canadian winter. Stay tuned for more on that one later.


28 10 2012

How much time does it take to make a change? It’s fall, and the daytime highs have fallen 30 degrees (centigrade) in thirty days. A month ago, I was frolicking in the woods and wading in the river on my last S24O camping trip of the season and taking midnight joyrides to the city limits on the ’46 CCM.

Ready to head back to civilization.

It was a frolicking barefoot in the woods kind of vibe.

Here’s to midnight joy rides on antique bikes.

Today, I’m trying to remember where I stashed my studded tires.

This is only the beginning…

A month ago, I was working at a factory, while today, between my two part time bikey jobs, I’m a full time bike professional. Ironically, this has meant less commuting and less cycling in general.

“Sometimes the best maps will not guide you, you can’t see what’s round the bend. Sometimes the road leads through dark places. Sometimes the darkness is your friend.”

A month ago I had a rigid regimen and knew where I’d be at any given moment of the week but now I’m exploring the fluidity and freedom of making my own schedule. A month ago I had doubts about my ability to take on this change, but today I’m using skills I wasn’t sure I had, and finding new uses for old talents.

And even though the change in seasons is completely predictable & expected, like the bicycle wheel turns, it’s still a shock to the system. Unlike life, where change can come suddenly and unexpectedly if you’re open to it.

It’s snowing again. I really need to find my studded tires.

How to Kick Out the Blues (with BMX)

19 10 2012

It’s been one of those days…

My weekend needs a kick start.

Or maybe just a kick in the ass.

BMX kung fu – kicking ass since the 80’s.

Only at a Community Bike Shop

6 10 2012

Last week, someone cut open the fence at BikeWorks North in the dark of night and made off with some bikes. It being a community bike shop run by a not for profit society, there isn’t much extra cash floating around for fence repairs.

Yes, those are spokes.

Welcome to EdmonTRON

4 10 2012

Calling out to E-Town – the Master Control Program is running amok. Get on your light cycles and head for the CPU!

Keith & Rob’s bikes, decked out for the occasion.

It was the first ever TRON Ride. Why? Well why not? It’s not like there’s very many 28 story monuments to the 80’s sci-fi classic out there for inspiration.

I’m pretty sure you can find the MCP around here, somewhere.

The game is light cycle. The object is to force your opponent into the light wall trail that your bike leaves behind.

This event called for my most modern looking bike (for once), so I decked out the Globe with lights & glowsticks.

Globe goes glow.

This is it rolls.

Chris on his amazing light bike / sound system.

If I had a helmet, I would’ve totally worn it for this ride.

And at the end of the night, everything de-res’ed.