Fairweather Bike Lanes

27 11 2011

Since the installation of new bike lanes in E-Ville this year, the question on many all-weather cyclists mind has been “Will the city clear the new bike lanes during the winter, or will they be used as places to dump snow?”

Today, I got an answer on 76 Ave.

And it looks like "dump the snow in the bike lane" is winning.

I can’t say I’m surprised. The counter-flow lanes in Garneau have also been (not) maintained this way in the winter since they’ve been put in, and it’s been my practice to just ignore them once the snow flies. Especially because once the road markings are covered, drivers have no reason to expect to see cyclists coming the wrong way down a one-way street. Still, I’m disappointed.

Even more disappointing, I hear that the city is putting funding for clearing the multi-use pathways (which they do a fairly decent job at) on the chopping block, as well as funding for any new bicycle and active transportation infrastructure. If this seems as counter-productive to you as it does to me, let the mayor and your councilor know before Dec 9th!




One response

27 11 2011

As you say, disappointing but not surprising. It really angers me that they are doing all these austerity cuts while pushing ahead with the new arena plans.

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