Six Pack Ride

31 08 2011

Here are the rules:

Cyclists gather on a Friday evening, each carrying a six pack of refreshing beverages. Everybody gets two slips of paper, and on each they write a location in the city. All the pieces of paper are collected in a hat, and one is drawn. Everybody then rides to that location, consumes a tasty beverage, and then another location is randomly selected to have the next drink. Repeat until everyone’s finished their six pack.

Riding into the night.

First stop: "Ewok Forest" (I've heard of two spots called Ewok Forest in E-town, this isn't either of them). Also, huge thanks to Alex and Oliver for portaging Marjory through that crazy Mill Creek trail.

Taking it downtown.

My beverage of choice (mock me if you may, but a gingered up me is much more fun than a puking drunk me).

Taking in the view after riding 10 stories up. Things are getting blurry.

See those two blurs between the black arrows? Gravity assisted cyclists rollin' down the other side of the double helix.




One response

31 08 2011

Great blog site. Glad I found you. CHEERS. Ride on!

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