I Have Never Wanted to Catch up with a Car So Badly…

8 07 2011

A couple of days ago, I was on my way to a hot summer day at the sweatshop, riding down a busy four lane artery. I was in low gear and riding with one hand, because in the other hand was an extra-large squishee. A car passed pretty close to me (not unusual), but before they passed, out the passenger’s window appeared an arm, trying to grab at my ass! WTF! For a split second I hesitated, questioning whether I should sacrifice my chilly treat, then sprinted off (in low gear, which is still pretty fast on le Mercier, but I couldn’t switch it up it because of the riding-one-handed-in-traffic-with-downtube-shifters thing). It was only a couple blocks to the highway, and they made it to the off ramp before I could catch up and deliver my icy message to the lap of a dude who tried to grab a stranger’s ass.



2 responses

9 07 2011

I’m flabbergasted. I’d say I hope you have better luck catching them next time but, really, nobody wants there to be a first time.

11 07 2011

That pencil dicked guy (who else would do something like that?) was so lucky! A cold drink in the lap causes shrinkage, and if his “pencil” shrinks he wouldn’t find it anymore until he peed in his pants!

So what’s the flavor of the squishee? 🙂

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