May Critical Mass

3 06 2011

Wow, it’s June already, which means it Bike Month, which means my doing bikey stuff to writing about bikey stuff ratio is going up, up up, and I’ve fallen behind on my blog posts. So much to write about, so little time.

To fill the void, here’s some pictures from last week’s Critical Mass.

Laughing and rolling. Rolling and laughing.

Kim on the bridge.

Turning left.

Micah don't need a car, or a car dealership.

What's more fun and more attention getting than a shiny new auto? Brett's freaky art bikes!

CJ was flashing me a peace sign, but my camera was too slow to catch it.

Adrian, aka Bikewriter, aka EBC mechanic, aka professional cameraman, was waiting for us on the hill at the end of the bridge.

Another reason bikes are awesome: If you're a kid in a chariot and you see your fave aunt riding behind you, you can say hi and chat.

After the ride, it's time to play around on other people's bikes in Gazebo park.



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