Critical Lass Goes Downtown

15 05 2011

Last weekend marked the fourth Critical Lass ride, where a group of lovely ladies on bicycles took to the streets downtown for a little riding, some refreshments, a little shopping and some Mother’s day merriment. We met in Churchill Square.

Group photo at City Hall. Huge apologies to Monie for cutting you out of the picture.

In the picture above, everyone is delightfully distracted by a skateboarding bulldog named Buttercup tearing up the square. We tried out each other’s bikes and chitchatted for for quite a while before setting off.

Last minute adjustments before riding away. Art Gallery in the background.

There was also a couple of lads that joined us on our ride. Baby Robert trailed along in a chariot (he was also at the first CL, in utero :-)), and uber-mechanic Keith rode his ’51 CCM converted fixed gear.

Front: Marilyn and Miss Sarah, behind them, Monie & Angel, behind them, Karen with Robert in the trailer and Deb and Judy bringing up the rear.

Miss Sable, looking ultra-hip on a red Dahon.

Getting together with other ladies who bike is always a fun time, and getting together with so many ladies who write bike blogs takes it to a whole other level. It was like half the people riding were taking pictures for their blogs, and as a result, we have pictures of each other taking pictures of each other. Check out Miss Sarah’s pics in Girls and Bicycles, Deborah’s collection on Loop Frame Love, and Keith’s pics on ravingbikefiend.

Red light means photo time! The downtown Pedways are one of my favorite E-town architectural features.

We biked down to 104th and checked out the shops and cafes (at least the ones that were open on Sunday), and then headed back to the south side over the High Level Bridge.

Deb from Loop Frame Love on her new (to her) Raleigh on the High Level Bridge.

It felt like every time I’d pull out my camera, the sun would disappear, but I finally did get a couple of sunny shots on the bridge.

Karen on her Linus with baby Robert on the High Level Bridge.

All in all it was a lovely day, and even though we did need our jackets and sweaters, the rain that was forecast never materialized, and by the end of the ride I still wanted more. The sun was a teaser for the rest of the week, which has been the warmest we’ve had so far this year, and I’ve spent all my extra time and energy since riding bikes, and breaking bikes (well, one), and fixing bikes (like, 40), which is why it took me a week to get this blog post up. Hello warm weather, it’s about time!



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15 05 2011

Finally! I was wondering when I’d see your report on the ride! 😉

Looked like loads of fun. When is the next time y’all will do another Critical Lass?

18 05 2011

There’ll hopefully be another one in June, as that is Bike Month here in E-town.

16 05 2011
Chris Chan

I’ve never seen the LRT clogs before.

They’re as awesome as I thought they would be.

Love it.

16 05 2011
Chris Chan

What! How did that happen. I’m sure I posted this on the Mercier post…

18 05 2011

Don’t know, but it sure makes more sense there. When I read LRT clogs I pictured a train so full of people that they were stuck and couldn’t get in or out.

19 05 2011

Great post Coreen! There will definitely be a CL in mid-June. And we’d like to do another when @adventure! comes through town. I’ve been distracted by trip preparations (heading to Japan in a few hours, eep), but we’ll try and get a June date finalized for that in the next few days.

19 05 2011

Great talking with you…I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, so I love reading everyone’s CL posts 🙂 Miss Sable looked tres chic on the Dahon,indeed!

23 03 2013
Critical Lass 4: LRT and downtown | Loop-Frame Love

[…] I ended up hopping back on the train at Southgate Station, but I could easily have ridden the whole way; from Southgate to Century Park on the bike path would have only been another 10 minutes or so. But as it was supper was starting to get cold when I got home, and everyone was eager for some time with Mommy. It was such a lovely afternoon! Thanks again to everyone who came out, and to Karen, Sarah, and Marilyn for coming to my rescue when my camera went on the fritz.UPDATE: Sarah has her post up with more great photos and a video!UPDATE 2: Coreen’s post is up with yet more great photos!  […]

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