A Brief Meltdown

6 02 2011

Whenever we get a brief reprieve from winter, people around here get all happy, pretending it’s spring, enjoying the outdoors, wearing shorts when it’s just a few degrees above zero, and so on, and the entire city lets off a collective sigh of relief.

Puddle vision with dark clouds approaching.

The clouds in these photos are the cold front moving in, marking the end of the warm spell. As much as I enjoyed it, I would prefer if it hadn’t heated up enough for the snow to melt, as now all the puddles have frozen into miniature skating rinks. Even with two studded tires, mini skating rinks make me very nervous.

Sunset on the last sweater-as-outerwear day for a while. After the sun sets this far north, before darkness sets in, there is a long blue dusk.

Hopefully there’s only a couple more months of winter left. Because I grew up here, groundhog day never made sense to me because, c’mon, six more weeks of winter IS an early spring. But I can see the light (four minutes more per day, to be precise)! And it may be close to -20 again, but it won’t last forever.

You can tell it was really cold when I took this picture because the furnaces of every building downtown are working at full blast.

In the meantime, ride on!



4 responses

6 02 2011

Great pictures and congratulations on sticking to it through the tough winter months!

7 02 2011
adrian pearce

That is a terrific picture of your bike reflected in the meltwater – you are one heck of a photographer!

7 02 2011

Yes, very nice pictures – I does look cold!!!

15 02 2011
Chris Chan

Whoa. Was that just your p+s camera? That’s so great. I want to use it for a poster design.

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