Another Winter Night

3 12 2010

Last weekend, I finally admitted to myself that all attempts at fixing the zipper on my warm winter boots had failed, and that I couldn’t go all winter trying to keep them closed with reflective ankle straps, so I decided to go shopping. Understand that I’m on a really tight budget right now, so tight that there’s no room for groceries and new boots to coexist. Thankfully, I have some staples in my pantry and a good sense of where to find good food for free, so living without groceries won’t mean going hungry.

These are not the boots I bought.

Snow, porta bike, and new boots.

Later that night, I went dumpstering with some friends (hey, it’s more fun than spending Saturday night at the bar, and end of the month is always rich pickings), and all of us came home with good hauls of stuff. My prize was this pair of leather boots in excellent condition, the perfect size for my feet (plus two pairs of wool socks). They aren’t as warm as the boots I bought, so I think I’ll keep those for when it gets colder again instead of returning them, but what are the odds?

In the picture above, you see a bike that was saved from the scrap heap with a basket pulled from a dumpster as well as the dumpstered boots on a freegan fueled bod. Most people overlook the overwhelming ocean of waste we’re creating, but it’s amazing how much sustenance can be found in other people’s trash. If only there was a way to scavenge gas to heat my house.



11 responses

4 12 2010

that is awesome, i love it when the dumpster gods do that.

13 12 2010

I can’t count the number of times something like this has happened. Dumpstering has got me closer to religion than anything else, ever.

6 12 2010

Nice boots!! When we lived in Tokyo we furnished our apartment with “gomi” stuff.We didn’t spend any money on furnishings, including our laundry machine! But we did buy our futons new 😛

13 12 2010

Thanks! Beds & bedding is definitely where I draw the line, too.

7 12 2010

My work gives away pallets and there is a guy who picks some up from time to time who chops them up and uses them to heat his house. Every so often there is a bill that will come that makes me want to invest in a wood burning furnace attachment.

13 12 2010

Not a bad idea … if only I didn’t rent…

30 12 2010

Hey I’m sorting thru my footwear and got 2 sweet pairs of Zara ankle boots. They were given to me as a gift but they’re too small ;P If you’re a size 6-6.5, drop me a line if you want them.

2 01 2011

Thanks for the offer! But those would be (way) too small for me.

Anyone else?

30 01 2014

Do you still dumpster dive? I’m in Edmonton as well and am interested in it. Just wanting to get some insight from someone who has actually done it. I know this post was from a long time ago but thought I’d ask.

31 01 2014

I don’t nearly as much as I used to. I’ve reached a point where I’m more interested in getting rid of stuff than acquiring more. A lot of my favourite spots aren’t as accessible as they used to be either.

31 01 2014

Hmm okay. Thanks for responding. Well if you are ever open to a beginner dumpster diver joining you for a dive, let me know.

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