Winter Cycling Dreams

29 11 2010

Last night, I had a dream that all the snow melted and I didn’t need the studded tires on any of my bikes. I could feel warmth from the sun, I didn’t have to bundle up, and my only concerns were the puddles of melted ice everywhere, and which of my summer bikes I should bring out of storage.

Fall seems like a distant memory.

Alas, I awoke to a winter cycling season that has barely started and a frozen white world with warmth only from my blankets and snuggly kitties. I guess it was still better than the dream I had last week where I was riding through deep snow in the bush to escape the zombie apocalypse. Come to think of it, I could really go for some fun off-road snow biking. Minus the zombies, of course.



4 responses

29 11 2010

I especially appreciate your dreamlike photo – I’ve tried to replicate dream images in waking life without much success – but you got it right!

3 12 2010

Thank you so much! Of course, that wasn’t what I was thinking of at all when I took this photo a couple of months ago (I was actually just waiting for a sandwich and noticed the reflections while watching my bike), and I intended to post it at least a couple of different times before in different contexts, though I never quite worked it in.

Honestly, though, this photo mainly makes me crave Vietnamese shredded tofu subs. mmmm…Nhon Hoa

3 12 2010

Cool picture!

Off roading it in the snow sounds like fun. It’s supposed to snow a few inches in Chicago tonight and I plan to get up early tomorrow and head to the lakefront.

12 02 2011

I would love to ride in the snow. Hopefully when I move to North Ga. I will get to try it. Not much snow here in Florida.

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