Season of Artificial Light

11 11 2010

There’s no more sunlight for pictures on the way home from work, and every commuter on the High Level Bridge has fresh batteries in their headlights (point those things down a little, if you don’t mind). Winter, with its snow and cold, will brighten the darkness and dim the glaring hundred watt lumen uber lights. In the meantime, November is not entirely about dreariness.

A rare day that these lights are actually working and in sync. BTW, this is (accidentally) the best photo of the Art Gallery I've ever taken.

Portabiking through the "waterfall."

I’ve been putting lots of miles on the Porta Bike – it’s just too fun to stop riding, though if I had been riding a faster bike today I would’ve caught a twenty (bill, not bike) blowing in the wind (a faster cyclist got it).

Intergalactic pedal powered transport.

I’m particularly excited about the opportunities for getting into places that aren’t usually bikeable, even if the end result is only weird photos and minor mischief.

New shoes. I got them at a thrift store brand new, but the studs were already starting to fall out in the store. I figured I couldn't go wrong for a new pair of hightops for 8 bucks, but I didn't wear them for months because I was worried about one of those studs ending up in a tire. That would be the ultimate bike fashion fail. Now that I've finally started wearing them, I'm leaving a trail of studs everywhere (and I'm still worried about pulling one out of a tire - I've already pulled two out of the sole of the shoes!).

Porta Bike's now sporting a basket courtesy of the dumpster score the other week.

Did I mention I love this bike? I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s like the perfect balance between ease and eccentricity. I’m even contemplating winterizing it.



4 responses

11 11 2010

Super cool shots! Love them.

25 11 2010


12 11 2010

Great colours!

25 11 2010


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