Hunting by Bike

13 10 2010

On a sunny (Canadian) Thanksgiving day, I headed out on the new bike to my parents’ place outside of town, for a rather uneventful ride (no pictures because I was running really late).

After dinner, my Dad invited me into the garage to see his new hunting bike.


So if you don't know, that brown thing is a rifle scabbard. He has also affixed sticky backed foam to the top tube to prevent the stock of the rifle or shotgun from hitting the top tube.


In one of his favorite areas to hunt, where motor vehicles are not permitted beyond the staging areas, riding a bike allows him to quietly cover lots of ground and find isolated hunting spots. He had been riding a too small ten speed with upturned bars for years (complete with “saddle bags” and rifle scabbard) and also constructed a trailer from kids bikes parts to transport his kills (mainly deer) out of the bush, to his truck. A relative gave him his first mountain bike last month, and after just one hunting trip, I think it’s safe to say he’ll never get back on the old ten speed again, especially in the muddy back country where the deer & elk roam.



7 responses

13 10 2010

Wow! Your Dad must be a powerful rider!

16 10 2010

His power comes from persistence. Check the gear ratio he’s riding.

I think he’s a good example of how you don’t have to be in athletic condition to do what some people consider extraordinary things by bike.

14 10 2010

I think that seat needs raising.

14 10 2010

He adjusts it the way he likes it.

14 10 2010

I set up a bike for my dad with a rack mounted to the handlebars which was intended as a gun rack. His first question was “could I carry steel fence posts in that?” He has plenty of fence to repair.

13 11 2010

That’s too awesome!

31 12 2010
Chris Chan

Ha! Awesome!

And people wonder at the ridiculous things that I carry on my bike…

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