6 08 2010

Air quality warnings are pretty rare in prairie cities. Where there aren’t hills to trap the pollution of daily city life and it all just disperses over the plains, it takes fairly specific meteorologic circumstances for enough to build up to cause a problem. This past week featured the first warnings I remember in ages, and today was the haziest day yet.

Hot, humid & so hazy you can't see the downtown skyline.

Rather than last week’s temperature inversion, today’s haze was blamed on forest fires, and Environment Canada says that it’s not bad enough to issue an advisory. I wonder how much my throat and eyes would hurt if it were warning-worthy. Alas, I can’t do any more than complain, and wish that the haze will subside so that I can see the stars and enjoy the northern lights (biggest solar storm in a decade and I can’t see ’em for the brown haze) during the last hot nights of summer, and ride home from work under a blue sky instead of a brownish glare.



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7 08 2010

Hi Coreen!!

I love your outit..especially the skirt:) The photo looks great all hazy too:) is this a unusual Edmonton summer?

P.S. My blog address has slightly changed too if you wanted to update your blogroll to http://www.girlcanbike.com


9 08 2010

Thanks Fiona! The skirt was a recent thrift store find 🙂

As for the haze, it is rather unusual for E-town, especially so late in the summer. Nearby forest fires are the most common cause, but they are more common in the spring and early summer. I don’t know if I could handle living someplace where air quality is a constant concern, because the haze & heat are probably nothing compared to TO & a lot of places in the eastern US.

16 08 2010

I believe I saw you tonight by the Dawson park restroom/firepit . I was the one sitting on his bike wondering how far to go (probably rooting through my camelback) .

I have been following your blog for some time now as I am a fellow Edmonton area bike blogger . Most of my riding is mountain biking , I love bikes and anything related to them . Thus I found your blog and other Edmonton area bike bloggers. My site if your interested . http://www.thelonebiker.com/

Happy trails


18 08 2010

Hi Ken,

That probably was me! I remember seeing somebody stopped at an odd place in the path. I almost stopped because I was wondering if you had mechanical problems, but your tires looked full and my tools were at home, so I’m glad that wasn’t the case 🙂

Nice to meet your acquaintance (in passing). See you on the trails!

21 08 2010
24 Hours in the Slow Lane « Breaking Chains and Taking Lanes

[…] smoke from forest fires 1000km away. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was complaining abut the haze? Well here’s how bad it has to be for an air quality warning: High Level Bridge disappearing […]

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