The Midnight Mystery Ride Returns

29 07 2010

Friends, the time has come to beat the heat and take to the street for a ferocious nighttime two-wheeled feat!

Announcing the triumphant return of the the Midnight Mystery Ride to E-Ville’s unsuspecting boulevards. What is a Midnight Mystery Ride? It’s a cool ride on a hot night, it’s going somewhere you’ve never been before with a group of debaucherous cyclists intent on fun, it’s out of bounds, it’s the fast lane on a sidewalk budget, it’s pushing the limits of what you think is possible, it’s a blast, and it’s totally at your own risk.

So if you dare to join, meet at Tipton Park (108 St & 80 Ave), Friday July 30, at 9:30pm. Make sure you and your bike are prepared for anything. Food, beverages, lights & patch kits are all good ideas. Leave behind your inhibitions and any overdeveloped sense of propriety but don’t forget your good sense! If the riding’s right, it could go all night.

Warning: this blog post is about to get extremely nerdy.

Light on the valve stem of my front wheel. You can also sort of see the shadow of my fork & V-brake.

I took this picture while riding downhill, leaned out funny to capture the wheel with my camera, on the verge of being out of control, in the dark. Because I am a nerd who thinks math is fun, I used this picture to calculate how fast I was going at the time. My fat 700C tires have a circumference of 2.26m, and over the half second exposure the wheel rotated approximately 355 degrees… Multiply it out and I find that I was traveling at 16km/hr. Wheeeeee!



2 responses

29 07 2010

Ha, thanks for the nerd warning. That’s how I knew that I simply had to continue reading 🙂

30 07 2010

Woo-hoo! Nerd solidarity!

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