Bike Shops Are For Dancing

28 06 2010

Before I get to the sweet rhythmic fantasticism that was the “Crank That Beat!” BikeWorks dance party, I just want to send a shout out to all the people who busted ass to make it possible (and to one busted ass in particular): Thanks for being solid, energetic, tenacious and for being your usual lovely selves. It turned into an amazing, dare I say, legendary night.

This photo of Kim on the dance/shop floor leaves me speechless.

Rob surveys the party from upstairs.

Killer DJ's + a kickass assortment of people + mood lighting + smoke machine = Dance Party Success!

I never though of combining Critical Mass & lasers before, but clearly this picture has a point...

Mind the hanging wheels when there's a whole lotta awesome brewin'.

And if you missed it, don’t fret, even though it was only THE bikiest dance party of the summer, and the best bang bike month has ever gone out on.



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