Who’s Streets?

2 05 2010

There hasn’t been much time for writing lately, between the mad rush for bikes and spring tune-ups at the co-op and the return of summery weather that has compelled me to take epic rides at any possible opportunity. I’ve got several posts worth of photos of fantastic riding and cycle oddities from the last couple of weeks that I have yet to upload, but I’ll start with this one from Friday’s Critical Mass Ride, which was a chipper affair.

I took this picture while riding, holding the camera above my head, pointed backwards, aiming blind.



2 responses

2 05 2010

For a blind shot, that one turned out very well.
I’m glad you have been out enjoying life and not watching it on a computer!!

7 05 2010

Thanks! There were also a tonne of not so nice shots. It was a lovely surprise to find this one as I was going through them after the fact.

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