Critical Mass, February, Winter City

1 03 2010

Like many other cities around the world, Critical Mass rides happen on the last Friday of the month in Edmonton (5:30, City Hall, FYI). Winter rides tend to be a less than massive affair, though, with a small but determined group of hardy cyclists.

This month, I had high hopes. The weather has been warm for this time of year, the main streets are dry & clear and more cyclists are coming out of the woodwork. I packed my skates, hoping that I could get to City Hall early enough to fit in some skating, but was foiled by weather determined to turn the rink into slush. So I set off on a little jaunt on my bike to pass the time before the big ride.

The Muttart Conservatory, an iconic E-town landmark, through the spokes.

But back to Critical Mass, I was hoping for a larger turnout to compensate for my skating disappointment. There were about 15 of us all together, and I was the only woman riding. Because of the small number, the group decided to not take over both lanes of traffic on the High Level Bridge, as the tradition has been since the beginning of Critical Mass rides in Edmonton way back in 1994, so the sweetest part of the ride (not to mention sweetest photo op) was marred by loud & aggressive passing cars. Oh well, it was still nice to hang with some familiar faces who I don’t stop and talk to on the street when it’s too cold to stop moving. And with spring on the horizon, the mass will only grow (unless there’s a blizzard at the end of March, which there probably will be, because E-ville’s weather is always evil at the end of March).

Critical Mass ends in Old Strathcona, where it fits entirely within the Gazebo instead of filling the entire park when summer rouses the mass.



2 responses

21 10 2012

Hey there! I’m a cyclist new to edmonton. When and where does the critical mass ride take place every month?

21 10 2012

Last Friday of the month, 5:30, City Hall, fountain/rink side.

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