Skate and Ride

19 01 2010

In three winters of riding my bike to get me to where I’d like to skate I’ve never run into anyone else doing the same, which I’ve always found rather strange.  Perhaps it has to do with my choice of venue – I was the only person skating on the rink at the leg grounds (note to out-of-towners: it’s pronounced “ledge”) for most of the time I was there, and I find that it happens more often than not that I have the rink and it’s cheesy music to myself.

Thankfully, nobody has bothered to come up with a "no bikes in the skate shack" rule yet.

I feel like I'm part of some idyllic winter scene. I often end up in tourists' photos when I'm skating at the leg, but this was the first time I was doing the shooting.

Not bad for $10 Value Village skates, eh?

It's pretty much impossible for me to be completely still on skates.

I almost hate to share a secret as sweet as this. I can skate backwards all I want and twirl til I’m dizzy without having to worry about running into anyone else or being distracted by the incredible views in all directions. How much are the chumps a few hundred meters down the hill paying for this privilege at the Royal Glenora? And this is easily accessible by bike, right near the high level bridge, and completely free.

Adieu, until our next skate date.




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