Pizza Time!

11 01 2010

Here’s a vegan pizza that’s well worth a quick bike ride. The weather was warm enough that the pizza was still hot when I got it home.




2 responses

15 08 2013
Peter Milsom (aka Pedal Pusher)

if this isn’t a daft question …
what exactly does a vegan pizza look like?
fake cheese?
How does fake cheese work?
(milk, being an emulsion of water and a little animal fat, suggests that cheese must be too)
otherwise there is only the base, the tomato paste and the toppings>
I’ve been a vegetarian before, but not a vegan, so …

16 08 2013

Ah, the pizza place near my house closed, so it’s been a long time but they had the falafel pizza, with hummus and tahini sauce and lots of veggies. No fake cheese involved, no tomato anything, just tasty protein rich awesomeness.

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